Urinary Tract Infection – Stomach Pain

Urinary tract infection, also known as UTI, is an infection that affets the urinary system in your body.UTI can affect children and adults where bacteria or germs happen to get into the system and cause this infection. This is more common for women than man due to the shorter urethras where the bacteria that lives in your large intestine gets into the urinary system.

Some of the common causes of urinary tract infection includes, sexual intercourse, pregnancy, not drinking enough fluid, having kidney stones and even diabetes. While it is less common in men, women tend to get infected with urinary tract infection very frequently.

As the area of infection is around the stomach area. Anyone who gets infected will often feel pain on their abdominal area. Other than that, the other symptoms include pain during urination and frequent need to urine. Some people do experience other symptoms such as high fever and increase pain.

Naturally, urinary tract infection can get better and cure by itself when we take medication such as antibiotics and also be more careful with the food we eat. However, if the condition is prolonged and gets worse, you are highly advised to go seek your doctor’s help to further investigate the cause of your pain. It can possibly be something else or even a condition that is more severe than urinary tract infection.

There are basically different types of urinary tract infection because the area of infection is wide and any area can get infected. The types of UTI includes the upper urinary tract infection and the lower urinary tract infection. The infection that affects the bladder area is known as cystitis and the infection on the urethra area is known as urethritis.

Infection on the lower urinary tract can easily be treated using over the counter medication, antibiotics, paracetemol and ibuprofen. As for upper urinary tract infection, it is a much more severe case of UTI. This condition is also treated with antibiotics but different types of antibiotics is prescribed based on your body’s condition. You will need to keep yourself hydrated which is the very reason patients with upper urinary tract infection will be given drip to keep them hydrated.  Treatment for upper urinary tract will usually take 3 to seven days.

Most of the medication used for urinary tract infection can cause allergy reactions to people. The types of side effects one can suffer from while taking these medication includes rashes, itchiness and also indigestion.

If you or anyone is suspected to be infected with urinary tract infection, then you must immediately get your doctor’s help by going through a check up to ensure that your condition is treated early to prevent it from getting worse.